Muriel Wallace

Muriel Wallace

National Trainer

Dr. Wallace believes that education is a life-changing commodity. Proper preparation is essential to have access to whatever future path that is chosen. Educating children and training educators who work with children requires an understanding of content and connection. Research has shown that relationships and connections has a profound impact on the learning process and what can be accomplished. It is natural to want to do good and experience success. Equipping educators with the tools that they need to provide the best for our students is what leadership strives to do. Of the many responsibilities and challenges that comes with the role of being an educational leader, this is something that must always be a high priority.  


Dr. Wallace has worked extensively with administrators and teachers to identify areas that need support within the classroom and school environment. She has facilitated training to help teachers develop skills to plan and implement instruction and develop classroom environments that are necessary for productive learning experiences. Those who are receivers of knowledge as well as those who provide knowledge can no longer view the process as a linear roadmap for success. Understanding the teacher and the learner requires a systematic approach to knowing the whole person and utilizing what is known to enhance and develop desired outcomes.

Dr. Wallace’s presentations and support sessions provide strategies that can be utilized by novice and experienced teachers. She has spent more than twenty years as an educator and believes in the continuum of finding tangible solutions for promoting learning and successful outcomes.


  • Professional Development Facilitator with over 20 years of experience in K-12 Settings
  • Areas of Expertise Includes: Classroom Management, Differentiated Instruction, Teacher Retention, Character Education, At-Risk Students, Achievement Gap, Multicultural Curriculum & Instruction
  • Middle School/High School/College Transition Specialist
  • Master of Education-Counselor Education
  • Master of Education-Educational Leadership
  • PhD in Curriculum & Instruction



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